Put your date and time calculations on the Web

With SpreadsheetConverter it's both fast and simple to put your time & date calculators and timesheets on the Web.

Create your timesheet or time & date calculator in Excel and then let SpreadsheetConverter instantly transform the spreadsheet into an interactive and calculating web page.

No programming knowledge or HTML skills are required. The only skill required is a basic knowledge of Excel. From now on, if you can create it in Excel, you can publish on the Web!

The resulting web page can be used both on or off-line. Everything is contained within a single regular HTML file with embedded JavaScript.

Example: Time duration calculator

The time duration calculator to the right was produced using SpreadsheetConverter. No programming or HTML coding was used. The calculator was simply  converted from a spreadsheet using SpreadsheetConverter.

The calculator is entirely contained within this web page, therefore, you can save the web page onto your hard disk (select Save as... from the File menu in IE) and then use the calculator without being connected to the internet.

To take a look at the original spreadsheet used to generate the time duration calculator, click on one of the spreadsheet links below:

Original spreadsheet

Spreadsheet without formatting

Calculate the duration between two points in time
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