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Your weight:    
Daily activities:                
    Hours   Minutes            
  A     Sleeping, resting    
  B     Sitting, Reading, watching TV, eating, etc.      
  C     Office work, sowing, sitting in meetings, etc.      
  D     Folding sheets, ironing, hand dishing, etc.      
  E     Bowling, driving, industrial/mechanical work, dancing waltz or foxtrot, etc.
  F     Fast paced walking, horseriding, sweeping, etc.
  G     Painting the house, carrying and stacking firewood, downhill skiing, etc.
  H     Construction work, lawnmoving, snow shoveling, etc.    
  I     Other more strenuous tasks.  
Sum: h min              
Calorie usage:     kcal kJ          
Estimated calorie intake per day:   kcal          
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