Bond Valuation    
  Bond is a long-term promissory note issued by a business or a business firm.          
  Value of the bond price is the sum of present value of annuities (or coupon) over the life of the bond and present value   
  of the face value of the bond.   
  Bond value or price of the bond is calculated on the basis of face value, coupon rate, market rate and maturity period    
  of the bond.      
  1. Face Value                   
  Enter Face value of the Bond                
  2. Coupon Rate                   
  Enter Coupon Rate and Select Compund(Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Monthly)        
  3. Market Rate                   
  Enter Market Rate in Percentage                
  4. Maturity Period                   
  Enter Maturity Period in Years and Months               
  Data Entry   OUTPUT  
  Face Value ($)         Bond Price  
  Coupon Rate
Choose From The List
    Number of Payments  
  Market Rate     Coupon Factor  
      Coupon Amount  
  Maturity Period Years Months   Yield   
  ABC Co. issued 7 year bond with coupon rate of 14 percent payable semiannually. Face Value of the bond is $ 1,000.00.   
  Market rate of interest is 14 percent. Calculate the price of the bond.   
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